On reflecting on human nature, Bertolt Brecht said:

In the dark times… will there also be singing?
..Yes, there will be singing… about the dark times.

Alluvial Lands:

Leaving the cacophony of the city I often find myself in swamps bayous, and bogs. The heavy boots I wear
get caught in the silt and mud making squelching sounds. It is a time to leave the stress of the modern world,
to reflect and remind myself about life. Surrounded by this transcendent unearthly beauty, both living and
dying, one thinks on the past as well as the future.

I walk through the wetlands in many states, hoping not to run into snakes, or other creatures. I find exquisite
beauty in these places, in our decaying lands, as they revert back to their origin, either due to the natural order
of things, or man’s hand.

Many of the images I have photographed I return to and find they are no longer there, dying trees falling back
into the marshland, wetlands becoming barren. I often feel like the earlier image-makers, Carleton Watkins,
Edward Curtis,albeit without the wagon train.

These images speak of time past, spiritual in nature, and of a time of innocence long gone.

The photographs are hand printed on sepia toned Japanese Kozo paper, as a reminder of these times.

The Landscape of Memory:

From my point of view memories are visceral, they are not dependent upon a strict visualization of an event
or a scene recreation. Rather, they often surface, sometimes unexpectedly, triggered by visual clues, sounds,
smells, which serve to remind us of an experience, or component of life.

Memories both personal and universal often cause us to reflect on the many paths we have taken. Signs and
symbols that visually describe or capture these memories, those personal moments in time which remind
us of our past, sustain us through our present, and guides our future, are what I seek. Our memories, often
conflicting, having little to do with rational thought, and resistant to logic they evoke our passions, desires,
loss, and when embraced become our history.
These memories mark the passage of time, reminding us that Time is both our enemy and our friend.
The series “The Landscape of Memory” was created for just that type of reflection.