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When he hit a mediocre drive, he was still expected to stick it close

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Small dogs and frail cats (such as kittens or elderly pets) are vulnerable when they are out on their own, and careful supervision when they are outside makes sense

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She was partially paralysed and sustained a brain injury when she fell and hit her head while out shopping

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Is gold good protection? Gold is traditionally used as a hedge against inflation — such as when global politics looks shaky

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"Using 21st Century funds, we built Pad 39C."

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Earlier in the day, Pemexsaid in a statement that the deal struck definitively ends the14-year-long dispute, but it did not give a sum.

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Instead, workers collaborated to "save face" for the company, such as hiding defect reports at automaker Mitsubishi Motors Corp., which surfaced in 2000 but had been going on for decades

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Private exporters and importers will need to meet the newrules before trade can start but Joyce told Reuters the deal waslikely to see the initial export of between 40,000 and 50,000cattle to China.

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His first two attempts went well right but it appears as though at least one of his balls has been found

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I’m okay, I can handle it

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Regulators could enforce models that end up making risks to the financial system even greater, “affording financial institutions and the financial system less protection in the future”.

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