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The fire destroyed 20 vehicles on the road and damaged 10 more.
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The app utilizes a proximity sensor in the iPhone, which is next to the camera on the front
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Andrews," Day said, "it would be an unbelievable piece of experience that no one could ever take away from you."
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He really believed that roads would have the biggest impact on our country..
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"But we are still borrowing 1 pound for every 10 pounds wespend and national debt remains at its highest level for 50years
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If it didn’t, someone was going to have the uncomfortable task of explaining to US taxpayers how they’d blown $700 million US.
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When looking for the usernames of friends to send a video to, Beme also offers you the usernames of strangers it thinks you’d find interesting to send it to, if that’s your thing.
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Taiwan could serve as a reminder to Beijing to promote more women in politics.
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And several colleagues concocted a story about Pisciotta abusing another inmate in a van.
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Our end-2015 target remains at 11x 12-month forward P/E,” wrote Chang.
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This second-generation X1 needed to be a big improvement from the previous model, and it is
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Ten years ago, an Ashes Test series began that would define a generation of English cricketers and create a sporting legend out of a ruddy-cheeked, heavyset lad from Preston
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"High rent prices in London are not a surprise any more
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You’d be helpless, any strength accumulated in a gym completely irrelevant
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It was designed by the Michigan Department of Transportation and the University of Michigan Mobility Transformation Center (MTC).
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It's then chilled for three hours, cut into squares and each ball is made individually in your hands
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Improving developer productivity is another area of focus for VS2015, including improvements to code editing, refactoring, debugging, and diagnostics
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Passive investment (at least passive investment of a specific sort, the sort of structured securities that BlackRock creates) is the problem, and active investing is the solution.
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They have lost three out of their first four games out of the All-Star break in a stretch of 10 straight games against division-leading teams.
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So, government bonds issued by Spain, Italy and Portugal that earn higher rates of interest will do well while gold will suffer.
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In short, Froome finds himself in the impossible position of being damned by his own success
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These bright clouds possess the ability to reflect additional sunlight.
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Pour in 60-80ml of good bourbon — I love Maker’s Mark
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Yahya asked that AP not use his real name for his and his family's safety.
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Images of the blast site were plastered across Turkey’s newspaper stands on Tuesday
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At one time this would have been the holy grail
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And when he walked off the 18th green, he had a 6-under 66 and was one shot behind with one round left.
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He was discharged without a coat, in cold weather, and without money or food, Healthwatch England said
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His frustration boiled over in the 13th
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There was a school of philosophers who took a drink in our pub on mart days and their profound statements had a major influence on the assembly of thinkers and drinkers, as well as yours truly.
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"Most of them expect to confirm that companies'earnings are resilient."
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What’s more, the numbers of undecided are still very high
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“There is no excuse for your sick behavior
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“It’s something you don’t do