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They were all delicious flavours that were new to me

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The average decline has been 3.7%, according to FactSet

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McHugh was struck on Arcade Avenue in Seekonk on Jan

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"I remember watching him win The Open at Carnoustie in 2007 and 2008 at Birkdale

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Green Giant would not be the Bonduelle's first North American acquisition

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In the two main venues, the YSP is choosing to focus on Caro’s relationship with painting, while the Hepworth Wakefield uses architecture as its theme

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The first high-resolution pictures from the flyby should be downlinked later on Wednesday.

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The span's rating was a 91.5 out of 100, according to data from the Federal Highway Administration

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I’m convinced the sense of resentment that built up within me was part of reason I wasn’t as good as I should have been.”

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Pluto is the last of the nine "classical" planets to be visited by a space mission

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Pujols cracked his 547th homer during the Angels' seven-run second inning in the opener

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Each year, the ODI says total fees amount to $1.4bn.

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But if the CO2 plume was there as well, they would sniff it out and then head for the visual stimulus.

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Iran is the predominant Shi'ite Muslim power, hostile not only to Israel but to Washington's Sunni Muslim-ruled Arab friends, particularly Saudi Arabia.

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Hewn apparently from granite, with the snappy temperament of an underfed bull terrier, no-one messed with Thomas on the pitch.

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Which means that fewer might turn to gold as a 'safe haven' for their money when they can get returns elsewhere.

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An analysis of the data revealed that just 6% of the participants reached the recommended physical activity level of 10,000 steps per day during working hours

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They should have grabbed the Tories’ 8 billion promise, promised to match it, and kept on reassuring the electorate on public spending, the economy and immigration

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On Wednesday, the Greek government has further measures to pass through lawmakers, including reforms to the banking sector

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A victory would send him to the PGA Championship with a shot at the Grand Slam, and at worse put him in elite company

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This will allow you to return to work feeling refreshed, happy and ready to take on a new workweek

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We are leaping forward in large chunks month by month.

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We spend a few enjoyable hours in each other’s company and then go our separate ways without rancour or ill-feeling.

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Either of them could have won and Louis played tremendously in the play-off."

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Demand remains high, with both visits to the Rightmove website and enquiries to estate agents up by 22% in June compared to the same period a year ago

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Profits during the year were also hit by costs from the sale of its Polish home cleaning products business and other costs related to reorganising the company

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Show me any other person in the political arena who has such a record

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Tulsa will join Houston, Miami, Cleveland, Charlotte, Portland and Sacramento (franchises that folded) and Detroit, Orlando and Salt Lake City (franchises that relocated).

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For the last three winters I have been working voluntarily at schools in Switzerland that offer adaptive snowboarding lessons and I love this

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The trailer for the new Steve Jobs biopic, starring Michael Fassbender, has been released