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Joe Root off the hip and it looked for a moment as though it might bounce up to the keeper but didn't

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He's moved to -8 but history suggests he might find it difficult to make any further progress up the leaderboard - he's just -1 on the back nine over the previous four days.

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We could save other people's lives by becoming donors.

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A Jordanian government official said Tuesday that some of Abdulazeez's relatives in Jordan were being questioned as part of an investigation into his stay in the kingdom

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IPHONE: Apple may move 48.8 million units of its top-selling product, which accounted for almost 70 percent of total revenue last quarter

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“I like to work with food and think about what type of food is good for an athlete so I decided to start the blog with my sister this summer

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Viewers also get a taste of Luciano’s home life — or, more precisely, her bedroom life

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A riverside walk winds through a wood, given over in part to a collection of rare Himalayan rhododendrons collected by plant-hunter Alan Clark.

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Favre, Levens, Freeman and Rison were teammates on the 1996 Packers team that won the Super Bowl.

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You should wear warm clothes that you don’t mind getting mucky, and cover these with a waterproof layer or a boiler suit.

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Each year in the U.S., there are about 400,000 cardiac arrests outside of hospitals that aren't related to injuries, according to the American Heart Association

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The ugly antenna lines and the protruding camera lens will stay.

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The equity in the flats allowed them to buy a Victorian terrace house

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An attractive and well-liked woman with maybe enough talent but not enough breaks chose a dating game show to become capital “F” famous.

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It was not immediately clear Monday whether Kariye is still the mosque's imam.

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“But if one of them gets a boost, even though the other might get a boost, but not as big, it might get outcompeted

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Hervey was a curious figure around Oxford, where he sometimes dressed as a rebel soldier

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Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is making another attempt to transform social media with a new social network and phone service that enables people to support charitable causes

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The dispute's unusually public nature has drawn attention at colleges nationwide

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The representative said that Abdulazeez had owned guns for years, going back to when he was a child shooting at squirrels and targets, and called himself an "Arab redneck" or "Muslim redneck."

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“I’ve had the experience in 2012 at Augusta

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