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A new review will look at how to boost opportunity and integration "in some of the most isolated and deprived communities in the UK", he will say
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"It's difficult to convince people to buy Tunisian wine when there are already so many other wines in the world," he says
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Jamie sees his role, as with School Dinners, as working for the public, getting “emotionally interested and getting my hands dirty, which a lot of people don’t”
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Spending by Chinese visitors to Australialeapt 19 per cent to A$5.7 billion ($4.19 billion) last year,according to government figures.
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“We cannot hope to save more lives unless there is a revolution in attitudes towards organ donation
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Our 14 to 18-year-olds have increased from 25 to more than 100 now
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Asier Saez-Cirion of the Pasteur Institute in Paris.
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Interest rates will go up, and the danger facing the economy right now is that everybody now holding many of the products, especially the ETFs that BlackRock sells, will want to sell them all at once
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Research funding is distributed by scientific experts, who are independent of ministers
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Just hours before this conversation Duffy and Hughes were heard in Duffy's flat chatting about square sausage and the best way to cook it
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In the early 1970s, I had a girlfriend who enjoyed football
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The case was described Monday at an International AIDS Society conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, by Dr
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"We place great importance on building long-term relationships with our research participants, inviting them to take part in follow-up assessments on an ongoing basis
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Hong Kong-listed Chinese stocks are practically flat this year, while its Shanghai counterpart is up 24% even after the recent sell-off
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Since its launch in early 2014, Igot has counted more than 200,000 transactions.
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"In effect, what you are doing is getting game players to do disguised work
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CCA's motion todismiss said nearly all the interested parties in the case arelocated in the Bahamas.
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Those of us who knew better weren’t nearly as alarmed
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It may seem a tad pricey at 254.61, but you won't regret purchasing after you see how much use you can get out of it
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"Our results suggest that doctors, public health scientists and policy makers need to re-think how to best identify who is at high risk of dementia
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Chloe Sims gave hers a Victoria's Secret twist with huge oversized (and we presume extremely heavy) angel wings and a gold trimmed bodysuit
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The Genoese from Italy ruled Corsica from the 1400s-1700s, and occasionally came to blows with the local aristocracy, nationalists and the French
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The excess still falls within the 20 percent “headroom” given by the plan to allow for unforeseen changes in energy prices and technology costs.
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I thought investors would eventually lose patience with him, but there would be much re-strategising and treading water in the meantime.
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Mr Guelleh has been in power since 1999, and by law should stand down
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Instant transparency does not increase openness - it merely mutes conversation into corridors and off-the-record.
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There are over 87,000 different drink combinations at Starbucks, according to the coffee retailer’s website
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Having said that, it's a great buzz.”
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It happened last year, after all, with the Red Sox selling both John Lackey and Jon Lester before the month was out
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Instead authorities are struggling to understand what led him to a far more heinous act: the cold-blooded assault that left four marines and a sailor dead and a nation on edge about terrorism.
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Best to find that out now, when they've got a whole offseason to plug that hole.
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Americans say things they don’t mean
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It's incredibly early for a candidate to have this much pledged congressional support — and it gives Clinton a safety margin later on
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You can also bring your existing C code to mobile platforms with minimal work
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I mean I could go and and chap his door right now and we could probably put him in the boot if three of us could manage it, know what I mean."
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Still, accounts of boorishness on Broadway abound: Patrons taking calls during shows and squabbling with seatmates who tell them to put phones away
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The archivist in charge decided to keep only classification histories and registration cards, he said.
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Researchers at Trinity College Dublin (TCD) decided to survey the country's nursing homes to see what dementia services they offered.
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"In Spags’ system, things are checked from the left to the right and it’s not as simple as just what a defensive end would do — just pin his ears back and attack the quarterback
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A couple - Lamara Bell and John Yuill - died in the incident, which is currently under investigation
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Nobody wants a return to the bad old days of trade-for-aid, exactly the kind of back-scratching economic protectionism that keeps economies down.
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Based on estimates, 90% of women in Ireland drink alcohol before pregnancy, while 82% drink during pregnancy
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We embarked on a family, exciting Fleet Street careers and spent many productive hours renovating old houses
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A bid to have that decision overturned by Economic and Social Council failed on Monday 13 votes in favor, 16 against and 18 abstentions.
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In his defense, Samuel Caldwell of the Sixteenth Tennessee Cavalry later wrote to his wife, "They (Federals) refused to surrender." Historians have yet to agree on any single explanation.
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“I can go home tomorrow and hug Audrey and the boys and celebrate a little bit, I guess
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We can consider such measures again as they are part of the mandate, as noted therein
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This information is not used by us for any other type of audience recording or monitoring.
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This means Becky Hammon isn’t exactly set to take to a lead role anytime soon.