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Ophelia in Hamlet says to her brother Laertes: "There's rosemary, that's for remembrance." But that's no kind of basis for a study

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"In time, I look forward to sharing reflections on my experience to help inform others

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Some, not all, tomatoes are more heat tolerant

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"I know the people at the Melodies Center and know their creativity and thoughtfulness but never expected all of this

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Iwata’s brainwave was to stop trying to compete with Sony and Microsoft, which burst on to the scene in 2001 with the Xbox

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Bland replied “I’m fine” when a jailer was conducting rounds shortly after 7 a.m

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He's almost certainly too far back to challenge but Graeme McDowell is putting together a neat round on the final day

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Their particular interest was to arrive at a consensus on the player with the MVBs.

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I'd like to think we're answering those questions.

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There are many ways to observe things

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"It was privately agreed following discussions between the then three main party leaders

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Jordan is one of the most Westernized countries in the Middle East, with alcohol sold openly

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"The difference between the US and the UK is not about skills, it's about capital

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Through a series of grenades and clever maneuvering, they successfully blow up a group, and then retreat to the pool in the building

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Those behind the initiative claim it to be the biggest scientific search ever undertaken for signs of intelligent life beyond Earth

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Even though you can buy it dressed and ready-to-cook, it’s important to remember what it’s been exposed to as it previously lined the stomach of farm animals

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His challenge will be to do that while keeping the rest of the fiercely loyal Reddit community on his side

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"I didn't really have much time to think and process everything as it was happening," he told the paper

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Alexa has styled it in her own quirky way with a pair of lace up sneakers but kept the seventies vibe with centre parted soft waves

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That was why when Blair proclaimed himself "tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime" he won Middle England

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"I am categorically against men in our type of sport," said three-time champion, Svetlana Romashina

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But when browsing the home timeline, users are now faced with a plain background, rather than one of their own choice.

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"The internet in the city is very, very slow, " he said

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in Shanghai, losing more than $40, dragging silver, palladium and platinum lower.

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GREEK DEBT: Greece's debt deal cleared a hurdle Friday when German lawmakers approved a third bailout plan

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Also a new player can give a great stimulus."

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This is on top of a 50,000 euros payment made to families immediately after the crash to cover any material costs.


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The right policy response to a currency shock is to ignore it and allow exchange rate flexibility to help the economy recover

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Obstfeld assertively backed former Fed chief Ben Bernanke’s initial handling of the financial crisis

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“I’ve had marriages that were over in less time than this game takes to finish,” she justly complained

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World Soccer Talk highlighted Guardado's "picture-perfect long ball":

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And in fact, Nicole has definitely been taking style tips from the reality star

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In the 13th inning, the Mets finally broke through when catcher Kevin Plawecki singled in the game’s first run

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Politicians no longer have private lives

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In video of the event posted on the World Surf League website, Fanning could be seen scanning the water before a big fin emerged behind him

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English amateur Ashley Chesters is four-under through his front nine, while Hideki Matsuyama is three-under through seven

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Clearing each level is relatively simple, but collecting every item, finding all the secrets and exploring every nook and cranny will tax even the most experienced of gamers.

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As I said in the speech, I don't want to hurt anybody

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In this Sunday, July 19, 2015 photo, police officers carry evidence bags at a crime scene where five bodies were found in a home Saturday in Modesto, Calif

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