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Currently 90% of new home-owners are on fixed deals, and they tend to have the largest loans

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“So that was a mental mistake on my part

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Current estimates suggest one in 150 children in the UK have selective mutism

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And they are expected to increase significantly

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The Boston-born Rocco also memorably voiced the cigar-smoking studio head of "Itchy and Scratchy" on "The Simpsons." And he played Charlie Polniaczek on the 1980s sitcom "The Facts of Life."

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"This is in contrast to traditional mental health information programmes in Ireland and internationally which have been practitioner led

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A senior Cabinet minister claimed last week that the reason the Government urged British nationals to get out of Tunisia was that another terrorist attack was “imminent”

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“I punched him in the back”.

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At the Netroots Nation conference of left-wing activists in Phoenix, Arizona, last week, the fault lines within today's Democratic Party were on full display

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Looks pretty set until lunch so perhaps that declaration will wait.

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Fifty-five days of necessary maintenance put the existing craft out of action last year

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Several separate Seattle groups have expressed interest in establishing an NHL team in the Pacific Northwest, where the lack of an arena plan in place remains a major stumbling block

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In recent weeks he has called for an investigation into the errors made during the Afghan war

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In total, 70 companies entered the competition from across the globe.

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An opening up of dialogue between the two countries led to the resumption of nuclear talks and a partial lifting of sanctions.

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Severalcalled it an "affront to the American people" because it tookplace before the end of the congressional review period.

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It's also worth noting that only five of the 20 (> Cat Smith, Paula Sherriff, Daniel Zeichner, Jo Stevens, Margaret Greenwood) took their seats from other parties


Espinosa led off with a single and Harvey again walked Harper, who entered the contest 0-for-12 with strikeouts against him

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We’re going to dart one of the female buffalo here, to check if she’s pregnant

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So ideally you want as short a notice period as possible

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“I don't believe we’re disadvantaged at this point, but that doesn’t mean a disadvantage couldn’t develop or couldn’t be shown to exist.”

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The idea that the (frequently drunk) mayor of a town where no one lives could wield such outsize influence is a great one

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For that reason, it’s the perfect way to see things from a new perspective, both literally and metaphorically.

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The Waller County Sheriff's Office on Monday released three hours of footage from the jail on the morning of her death, the Houston Chronicle reported

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“We get a benefit from currency movements [on revenue] but not really on return on sales,” said Mr Bchner, who added the company is on track to hit its full-year targets

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The other 20 is all other water

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"Both plaintiffs were able toadequately use their computers for approximately 18 months andtwo years, respectively."

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Pair with some strappy red heels and you're good to go

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Riyadh says it wants to restore Hadi to power in the capital Sanaa, which the Houthis seized in September.

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Ninety-seven years ago thousands of people posed for a photograph on a hillside in south east London

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No date for the trial has yet been set, but her lawyers have said the trial could begin this summer.

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The Korean won weakened 0.5 percent, while the euro traded at $1.0832, close to its lowest price since April

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This tour this summer is the farewell tour," the 72-year-old Keillor said, laughing and joking as he sat in his book-lined office in St

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