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The company could not specify when the plant would return tofull power

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Dubbed Discover Weekly, the selection of 30 songs appears at the top of the user's playlists.

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Agency for International Development contractor Alan Gross on espionage charges

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He went on to say, "You are not going to be able to see it [the differences] with the naked eye

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The cunning answer, devised by a team from the University of Washington and reported in the journal Functional Ecology, is to take advantage of a bit of cutting-edge technology: a 3D printer

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Many have suggested that he’d be the ideal man to fix Barclays

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The company posted quarterly net income 2.5 million euros ($2.7 mln), down 71 percent from 8.9 million euros in theyear-ago period

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The trailer for the new Steve Jobs biopic, starring Michael Fassbender, has been released

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The incident had shocked SpaceX staff, many of whom had never experienced the firm having a failed launch.

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The Daily News has some of the most memorable photos in sports history

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He estimated that all of the league's teams together brought in as much as $1.5 billion of local revenue.

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The storage container and jar and test tubes, holding a fragment of human skin and other body samples, were meticulously labeled just as the letter detailed, Toledano said.

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Whether you want a relaxed daytime look, a smart all-in-one for the office or a sophisticated evening outfit, there's a jumpsuit for all occasions.

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The 30,000-circulation daily paper responded with a storyand an editorial headlined "Kirby Delauter, Kirby Delauter,Kirby Delauter" that used his full name 25 times

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The election of Hassan Rouhani in 2013, set a new tone for US-Iran relations

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If the event truly is as big as they’re touting, it could mean a very big year in general for the firm

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In video of the event posted on the World Surf League website, Fanning could be seen scanning the water before a big fin emerged behind him

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it can generally demand to be first in line when a country pays off its debts

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Montreal-based Quebecor, a Canadian media and telecommunications giant, submitted the bid for Quebec City, which previously served home to the NHL's Nordiques.

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Younger women struggle to advance in Taiwan, but unlike in Western societies, doors open as they grow older

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It's YES Essentials stain- and odor-resistant fabric

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In late June and the first few days of July it was hard to disagree with Kaline’ssentiment

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District general manager Rick Gilmore said he did not know a penalty was coming and wasn't aware of the details

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Johnson is back at the top on his own after his sixth birdie of the day

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He reminds me of someone I knew back home.”

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This will lead you to a final swim along a sandy shore, before you can return home

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It's been dubbed the "No Flagging Challenge" and social media and international news outlets were quick to pick up on the story.

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Fifteen of those hospitals made the honor roll, which required a ranking at or close to the top in six or more specialties.

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The Creator does not abandon us … humanity still has the ability to work together in building a common home.”

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