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They have lost three out of their first four games out of the All-Star break in a stretch of 10 straight games against division-leading teams.

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And I'm really sorry and I really apologize."

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The changes announced in the Budget provide students with more money in their pockets to help with living costs while studying.”

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"Shutting down AM (Ashley Madison) and EM (Established Men) will cost you, but non-compliance will cost you more," the hackers said

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Louis Fed President JamesBullard told Fox Business Network that there was a better than50 percent chance that the U.S

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Consumer antagonism reflected the realities: as patients had few care alternatives, had little to no capacity to shop for value, and continually encountered gatekeeping of services

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Visit the local library to see if there are any activities you might join

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“People feel that they have enough stuff, so food and experiences are becoming more popular every year.”

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Three months after the watch’s release, there is no Facebook app tailored for it

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On the night of the Cota 905 raid, President Maduro came out on national TV and said he had personally ordered the new plan

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One reviewer praised the “brilliant performance by the newly discovered English protégée”, and the film broke box-office records, and audiences’ hearts

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Albany hit on the solution of pegging appraisals to the value of rental buildings in roughly the same neighborhoods.