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Some of the migrants have been seen taking advantage of slow traffic and leaping on to the vehicles.

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I'm lost for words to be honest."

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A fight broke out late July 3 in an oceanfront tourist area at Sandbar Surf Bar in Virginia Beach

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The region already hosts the UN's largest peacekeeping mission in DR Congo where a protracted civil war has been going on since 1998

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The dispute's unusually public nature has drawn attention at colleges nationwide

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“This marketplace is one of the most hyper-utilizers of home health, rehab, post-acute services in the country, by orders of magnitude,” Varga said

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Ournewslinks for the 21st July 2015 present a rather different picture

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How will Aaron Sorkin's latest look at Silicon Valley stack up against the greatest films about business?

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It seems odd that something I cannot remember happening has had such a huge effect on my life.

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The US researchers found that over the last 23 years, the leading causes of health problems have not changed significantly

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The desserts are fun to split, too

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In the recent Greek saga, France was not just the mediator between Germany and Greece

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In the West Midlands annual price growth is 3.2%, taking the average price of a home to 200,129 but the region saw a 0.5% fall month on month

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He owned guns and would shoot squirrels and practice on targets behind his house

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Eventually, however, after being pursued by a tabloid newspaper threatening exposure, he realised deceit was no longer viable

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What that means is that if you have a great brand and a story people want to tell, if you're supporting something that they care about, they will go out and share the word

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A Mexican official close to the negotiations said that Pemexhad agreed to settle for $295 million

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Slam on the brakes and the McLaren 675LT will go from 62mph to standstill in a mere three seconds or 30.2 metres

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To name just two, Republican George W

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Never been in trouble in his life, but he made a bad choice."

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He brought innovation to Lashkar Gah, including designing litter bins for the town.

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“We're here to race and racing's a human endeavour," he stressed

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"I'm not really going to think about winning or where I'm going to finish until the last few holes on Monday

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You will probably have heard of the town at the end of the Black Isle peninsula

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Expectations for Entresto have been building since the drugwon early U.S

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In his speech on tackling extremism in Britain, Mr Cameron will say in Birmingham that society must first understand what makes extremist ideology so attractive before it can be defeated

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Every time you see him, it seems like he's getting better," said Martinez

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Luttrell ended up being the first choice,” Redmond said

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So, last night, once again, focused on us being divided rather than what the Tories are doing, a lot of which is unacceptable.

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Nothing has worked, and to be honest I’m getting increasingly frustrated